NC 3 in1 Feeder
Combo Rack Series leveling
Feeding series
Straightener series
Reel series
Terminal Recoil series
Other press surrounding series

    Technologies from experience and quality based on professionalism. Ksmork Machine Industrial Co.,founded in 1995,is engaged in production and manufacture of the complete set stamping and feeding machinery and automatic stamping machinery,with the excellent expertise and rich experience,to meet the demands of customers with the quality products,competitive price and cordial services. We have supplied products to many customers as Siemens,Dongfeng Auto,Matsushita Electric, CSR Corporation, Foxconn,TE Connectivity,Bosch,Delphi Packard,etc.;established facilities and branches in Jiangsu, Tianjin, Wuhan, Guangdong, and other places in China;and exported products to South East Asia,Middle East,Europe, US and other countries and regions.Moerke Industries manufactures the highly efficient……


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